World 2 mid-demo released!

This is the mid-demo for World 2 in Pylo Noveau. It contains levels 2-1 and 2-2, as well as a save file that will start you out right at 2-1. Your old save files won’t work, so use the included one. This demo doesn’t have the new music yet, hopefully that’ll be in the next one. And ideally the next demo won’t be too long in the making, though it probably will. Let this tide you over until then.


3 comments so far

  1. Ramsey on

    I love the game so far! I really look forward to the finished product!

    Anyways, there was one thing I noticed about the game. I run it under WINE on Ubuntu so maybe this isn’t a bug in the game itself but if I hold the jump button down while standing still, Pylo will flow slowly upward. If he doesn’t do it immediately, he’ll hit the ground, bounce a little bit, and start floating. If I move, shoot, or get hurt while he’s floating though, he’ll fall. If I run to the right and hold the jump button, he’ll float upward slowly while moving to the right, but moving to the left, shooting, or getting hurt makes him drop. At first, I thought this was just a feature, but I can’t float him upwards to the left, and doing this breaks the continuity of some levels. If it’s not a bug, sorry for bothering you. O:

  2. Solus on

    Just played through World 1 and am extremely impressed. The controls were sharp, visuals were great, dialogue was excellent, and the level design was superb. Especially the factory, which was genius. Hope your working hard on this one, because you’ve got a fan that’ll download that sucker on the day of release.

  3. Mukankakuna on

    I just discovered this game and played all levels. Amazing work, fantastic levels design, perfect difficulty, lovely characters and history. Trully great work. I hope you keep working on it and eventually finish it.
    By the way i can’t find level 2-2’s secret if there is any.

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