Wall Jumps and Pylo news

I’m not dead yet, everybody! I’m sure you’re very sad to hear that. But there is some good news- I made another game, Wall Jump Hero, and also I am very close to releasing the next demo of Pylo Nouveau! Over the past eternity of me not updating this site, I’ve mostly been working on Pylo. World 2 is finally finished (I’m the slowest. It’s me.), and all that’s left now is to fix a few small bugs and get some more illustrations and musics from my teammates. It won’t be long now. I played the old demo, which is currently on this site, recently and oh man is the new one is way more polished. Anyway, look forward to the demo’s release within the next week or two (hopefully), and until then, play some other games or something. Or, y’know, whatever you normally do. Do that.

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