3-1 under construction

World 3 is the Osarian Desert, and 3-1 is the Sunset Dunes.

It’s definitely aptly named, right? Well, when you walk just a little farther in, the sun sets more and…

Oh no! I can’t seeeeeeee!

You have to keep vigilant and watch for the shapes of the enemies here, or you’re bound for damageville.

You can see one of the new enemies in the first screenshot: it’s a Stosho wearing a welding mask. Fire levels 3 and under can’t pierce their defenses, so you have to stomp on them or just avoid.

Another new enemy is Cactiel. It’s the spider-looking thing in the second screen. Until you get very close, they’re disguised as the small cacti in the background. But then- spider legs burst out and they charge at you! Nothing is safe in the desert!

Here’s another new enemy- a giant Jumper Dome that seeks Pylo out. It has 6 health and is quite powerful, so you really have to take it out before it gets too close.

In the second room, the fourth new enemy appears. It’s an Earth-type mole creature named Don, and finding their hidden burrows is the only way to get to the door. In each burrow is a switch that wakes up the next Don by activating an alarm. Then the Don proceeds to dig another burrow you can go down to hit the next switch.

This leads to…

 A new tunnel!

All right, well, that’s all for 3-1 for now. But I’ll keep working on it, and next time I’ll have some info on the miniboss posted too. Seeya then.

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