3-1 is complete! …Finally.

I really took too long to make this level. I’ve just been lazy and/or busy, I guess. Anyway, Sunset Dunes is done now, and here’s some info on the rest of the level.

The next part after Mole Town introduces a real obligatory desert obstacle- after all, what’s a desert without some quicksand?

If Pylo falls in, he’ll sink! It’s relatively safe to stand on if you continuously jump, though. And you’d better get good at that, since there isn’t always safe ground above!

Swimming in the quicksand is yet another new enemy, and one that you only see in this level. It behaves just like the fish from level 2, swimming back and forth before jumping. It can be pretty dangerous unless you take care of it quickly. Either that, or just run away!

At the end of the room is the boss- Cactank. If you can’t tell from the name, it’s a cactus-tank.

He’s really a jolly boss, actually. He rolls around on treads from side to side and shoots out little copies of himself that scramble and explode. You know, normal cactus-tank fare. And when you defeat him, he blasts off into the sunset!

After the boss, there’s still more level to go. The next part is the Temple Ruins, complete with moving spike traps and crumbling floor!

And look who’s back, and bungling his latest masterpiece-

One more thing- this area houses a secret door. If you find it, you get to go to the spike chamber!

There’s a treasure at the end, of course. But getting there’s the problem, as it’s extremely deadly! You’ll need all your platforming skills to make some real precision jumps here.

If you can get through all the rest of the level (it’s not really that long, actually), you still have one final part. Here, the sun finally makes good on its threat to set, and you can once again see where you’re going.

From here, it’s a short walk to the finish, and the safety of the Scarabian town of Osaria. But enough on that- I’ll write more about it after I’ve made it! ‘Til next time, and once again, I hope it won’t be long.


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