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No News is Slow News

I just cannot believe how long it’s been since I posted my progress here. It’s probably because the progress isn’t very significant. Anyway, let’s rap about the next level.

3-2 is the Bramble Jungle. In sharp contrast with the desert, it is a rainy, cool, and lush place. It is also an homage to my favorite levels in Donkey Kong Country 2. The placeholder music I’m using is even the same.


The main new obstacles are, of course, the brambles. They do pretty decent damage to the touch, so you have to maneuver carefully. There are also vines that run horizontally and vertically.


The two new enemies in the level can be seen above. The hovering flowers, called Brimmers, float gently in a circle and shoot a diagonal seed attack every so often. The red plant grappling onto the bramble is a Shark Plant, which will try to grab Pylo when he gets near. There is also a green shark plant variety that doesn’t wait for Pylo to get near before lunging out.


This level doesn’t really have very much solid ground to stand on, so you have to get used to climbing around and bouncing off enemies to progress.


In the second room, you meet the level’s other chief gimmick. Grabbing the swirly purple fruit of the brambles gives Pylo temporary invincibility. In this time, you can run atop the brambles, and any enemy you come into contact with will explode.


So naturally, it’s a race against time as you try to get from fruit to fruit without becoming vulnerable.

The next room is the longest part in the level. The screen starts moving upward…


You have to use all your platforming skills to keep ahead of both the screen and the invincibility time limit, all while climbing the increasingly sparse brambles on your way to the sky.


Well-timed bounces off enemies are a must here. Then, after a much-needed checkpoint at the highest point, the screen starts moving right.


The footing is tricky, to say the least. You have to contend with spinning purple platforms, springs, and regular moving platforms. Once you’ve gone far enough to the right, the final leg of this room begins as the screen scrolls back down to the thicket.


The screen moves more slowly than Pylo can fall, so you have to watch out and bide your time until the next safe place to land appears.


At the bottom, the brambles close in again and you finally reach the end. This is as far as I’ve made in the level, but there will probably be only one more medium-length room before the boss.


Of course, there’s an extra-challenging hidden room somewhere with the world’s map in it! You’ll have to pay attention to find it.

While I’m at it, I may as well talk about this world’s town, Osaria. You unlock it after beating 3-1.


The beetle people live here in quaint little adobe-dome houses.


The town’s Sage, Bowen, may look familiar to anyone who has played a secret stage before.


The first quest is given by Doakes, an inventor who can never find what he needs. Maybe it’s because he lives in the middle of a desert? He should consider a career change. Anyway, Pylo will be able to find what he needs later on in this world.


Freya the bounty hunter gives the second quest. You have to go to a special area in 3-1 and hunt down the Golden Jumper Dome, a challenging enemy who teleports around. Your reward is another Crimson Fragment, which allows you to hold more fire elementite.

In other news, the sunset effect in 3-1 has been lightened a little. This is how dark it gets now.


It’s still pretty shady, but now you can enjoy the nice scenery a little more as you play the stage. It also means that I had to go back and draw actual graphics for Cactank and other stuff. Blah.


Well, it’s probably better this way.

All right, I’m through for now. I’ll say what I always say- hopefully the next update won’t be too long from now! But I have to make a boss and everything, so don’t hold your breath, everybody.


3-1 is complete! …Finally.

I really took too long to make this level. I’ve just been lazy and/or busy, I guess. Anyway, Sunset Dunes is done now, and here’s some info on the rest of the level.

The next part after Mole Town introduces a real obligatory desert obstacle- after all, what’s a desert without some quicksand?

If Pylo falls in, he’ll sink! It’s relatively safe to stand on if you continuously jump, though. And you’d better get good at that, since there isn’t always safe ground above!

Swimming in the quicksand is yet another new enemy, and one that you only see in this level. It behaves just like the fish from level 2, swimming back and forth before jumping. It can be pretty dangerous unless you take care of it quickly. Either that, or just run away!

At the end of the room is the boss- Cactank. If you can’t tell from the name, it’s a cactus-tank.

He’s really a jolly boss, actually. He rolls around on treads from side to side and shoots out little copies of himself that scramble and explode. You know, normal cactus-tank fare. And when you defeat him, he blasts off into the sunset!

After the boss, there’s still more level to go. The next part is the Temple Ruins, complete with moving spike traps and crumbling floor!

And look who’s back, and bungling his latest masterpiece-

One more thing- this area houses a secret door. If you find it, you get to go to the spike chamber!

There’s a treasure at the end, of course. But getting there’s the problem, as it’s extremely deadly! You’ll need all your platforming skills to make some real precision jumps here.

If you can get through all the rest of the level (it’s not really that long, actually), you still have one final part. Here, the sun finally makes good on its threat to set, and you can once again see where you’re going.

From here, it’s a short walk to the finish, and the safety of the Scarabian town of Osaria. But enough on that- I’ll write more about it after I’ve made it! ‘Til next time, and once again, I hope it won’t be long.

3-1 under construction

World 3 is the Osarian Desert, and 3-1 is the Sunset Dunes.

It’s definitely aptly named, right? Well, when you walk just a little farther in, the sun sets more and…

Oh no! I can’t seeeeeeee!

You have to keep vigilant and watch for the shapes of the enemies here, or you’re bound for damageville.

You can see one of the new enemies in the first screenshot: it’s a Stosho wearing a welding mask. Fire levels 3 and under can’t pierce their defenses, so you have to stomp on them or just avoid.

Another new enemy is Cactiel. It’s the spider-looking thing in the second screen. Until you get very close, they’re disguised as the small cacti in the background. But then- spider legs burst out and they charge at you! Nothing is safe in the desert!

Here’s another new enemy- a giant Jumper Dome that seeks Pylo out. It has 6 health and is quite powerful, so you really have to take it out before it gets too close.

In the second room, the fourth new enemy appears. It’s an Earth-type mole creature named Don, and finding their hidden burrows is the only way to get to the door. In each burrow is a switch that wakes up the next Don by activating an alarm. Then the Don proceeds to dig another burrow you can go down to hit the next switch.

This leads to…

 A new tunnel!

All right, well, that’s all for 3-1 for now. But I’ll keep working on it, and next time I’ll have some info on the miniboss posted too. Seeya then.