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Super Pylo World 2: Yoshi’s Island

The new demo for Pylo Nouveau is here!

This will be the last public demo released before the final version of the game, but there are still several worlds left, so I will be keeping a Development Log on this site as I work on the game in order to keep you guys posted on my status. Hopefully this will make me work faster, too. This demo goes up to the end of World 2, meaning there are ten levels in total. Fans will note that this demo is a little over a year on the heels of the last one, but there aren’t that many new levels. But there’s lots of other stuff- I’ve been polishing the game a lot and have even created a manual- in full-color GBA style- to accompany it. Be sure to read it! Besides that, most of the music in this demo is kickin’ original tunes by Patt Ytto. I’ll probably release any new musics I get in the future in the DevLog, so you guys can replace the placeholder music at that time if you care to.

Here’s the direct link to the file:

For all those who played the previous demo, your old saves won’t work, so feel free to delete them. Either way, go ahead and get playing!


Wall Jumps and Pylo news

I’m not dead yet, everybody! I’m sure you’re very sad to hear that. But there is some good news- I made another game, Wall Jump Hero, and also I am very close to releasing the next demo of Pylo Nouveau! Over the past eternity of me not updating this site, I’ve mostly been working on Pylo. World 2 is finally finished (I’m the slowest. It’s me.), and all that’s left now is to fix a few small bugs and get some more illustrations and musics from my teammates. It won’t be long now. I played the old demo, which is currently on this site, recently and oh man is the new one is way more polished. Anyway, look forward to the demo’s release within the next week or two (hopefully), and until then, play some other games or something. Or, y’know, whatever you normally do. Do that.

Emo The Hedgehog






Today I took a small break and made this joke game, which stars a character who is a parody of Shadow the Hedgehog. Can you survive the emotional strain as you travel through the darkened streets of Black Heart City? Can you make it through both of the expansive acts? Try it and see! Here’s the link to the page.

World 2 mid-demo released!

This is the mid-demo for World 2 in Pylo Noveau. It contains levels 2-1 and 2-2, as well as a save file that will start you out right at 2-1. Your old save files won’t work, so use the included one. This demo doesn’t have the new music yet, hopefully that’ll be in the next one. And ideally the next demo won’t be too long in the making, though it probably will. Let this tide you over until then.

Pieces picked up, dusted, reassembled, and shelved.

I finally thought “Enough is enough”, knuckled under, and reuploaded all my games. They are once again available to the public, in other words. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to do this- my procrastination stemmed from thinking it would be a hassle. But no, I was wrong! Gasp! Hopefully this host is pretty good- I’ve heard good things, at least. Really, there is nothing more to say on this matter. Go get ’em if you care to do so, and enjoy.

Oh yeah, also I got a musician, Mir@k, to help collaborate on Pylo Noveau by making music. Now I have further reason to hurry progress.

Pylo is Here!

Yes, the moment we have all been waiting for has at last arrived. The World 1 demo for Pylo Noveau! Go get it and experience all that new demo fun. It’s hosted on a site other than my usual, since for some reason all the files on that one were deleted. Not just mine, everyone’s. So all my other games are currently unavailable… Ah, I’ll get it straightened out before too long. Stop reading this and go get Pylo!

Links up

Yes, the links are all up and (I assume) running. So now you can play the games rather than just stare at your screen. They’re mostly packed in zip folders that contain a folder with the game inside. So you can extract them without hassle. Don’t try running them in zip phase, if the game tries to save/load you may have problems. Duh.

Obligatory first post

There’s nothing especially interesting to say, but we can’t just have an empty screen for a welcome mat, now can we?

Unless you’ve somehow come here by accident, you’d know this is a webpage made for the express purpose of feeding delicious independent video game goodness straight into your eyeballs. Crunch on that.

Anyway, look forward to an actually informative post whenever I actually do have something interesting to say, which is always, but don’t think I’ll be letting you know unless it’s somehow pertinent to my games.