Pylo Nouveau

Genre: Action/Platformer

Quote: “This is not worth doing if it is not beautiful!” – Ariot

WIP Progress: My current project.

Pylo is a Draconian, one of a race who can breathe fire and make their home in the forest. But when strange soldiers appear and Pylo’s father, the Sage Falo, is rendered unable to fight back, Pylo is sent to investigate. Upgrade Pylo’s fire attack as you travel through each level and help him defeat the numerous bosses who are out to stop him! Unleash powerful elemental attacks by spending gem shards! Find the secret treasures in certain levels and unlock new abilities! World 1 and World 2 are available at this time, and the rar file comes with the Manual and the OST, which includes many original songs by Patt Ytto.

Controls: Arrow keys, A to jump, S to shoot, D to use an elemental power, W to select fire level, Enter to pause. Gamepads are supported, please read the manual for info on configuring the controls.

Link: (Final demo, 5-20-11)

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