Pylo Oldeau


Genre: Action/Platformer/Predecessor

Quote: “The tower! It’s lifting into the air!” – Avian Warrior

This is the old version of Pylo. Yeah, I’ve been working on Pylo in one version or another for some time now. But I finally outgrew this version and decided to start anew. The story is much the same in this game as in Noveau. But this one isn’t as smooth or polished. The final demo of this game goes up to the end of World 5, which means that there are a lot of levels to enjoy.

Controls: Arrow keys, Up to jump, Space to shoot, Z/X to change fire level, C to use a card, V to use a Combo (as though you’ll ever find one), Enter to pause.

Cheats: Yes there are some cheats, and since I’m not working on this any more, I’ll share them here. First type “erberus” to initiate cheat-entry mode. Then you can type “ph”, “ogdl”, “lelev”, “silev”, “socni”, “rusep”, or “roles” to have things happen. Use if you want.


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