Super Action Man


Genre: Action/Platformer

Quote: “But right as I began my journey, I was posessed by a ghost which made me do sit-ups.” – Yeha Tjough

WIP Status: Totally gonna make this!

Legends O’Bredgers has been training much of his life under Master Yeha Tjough to be the only one who can save everything from the eventual return of a great evil. And the time has finally come! Legends sets out on his journey to the edge of the world where the evil has appeared. His secret weapon is his Super Action Man suit, which can display 6 different special abilities. All the fun of your favorite sentai characters bundled into one! Rush to defeat the evil!

Controls: Arrow keys, Down to change suit, A to jump, S to fire, D to read/run, W to give up ability.

Link: N/A (No demo released)

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